Ku Klux Klan Member Offers $10,000 Reward for Capture of Black Panther’s Party Member Who Murderd White Teen

Mar 26, 2012 1 Comment

Ku Klux Klan member Nigel Pendergrass has put up a $10,000 reward for the capture of Cecil Brown, a Black Panther member accused of the murder of Michael Kirkland.  Evidence gathered at the scene of the murder had initially connected Brown with the killing of 14 year old Michael Kirkland. Kirkland was walking home from school on March 24, 1979 when stray bullets fired from a passing car fatally wounded the young white school boy. Kirkland was pronounced dead 24 hours later despite best efforts by doctors to save the boy.

BLACK PANTHERS Bring Back 1970?s Cop Killing Reign of Terror to St Pete-Tampa Area

BLACK PANTHERS Bring Back 1970?s Cop Killing Reign of Terror to St Pete-Tampa Area

Police learned later that the car used in the drive by shooting was registered to a well known Black Panther’s member. Other witnesses a few blocks from the scene of the murder identified several Black Panthers members exiting the vehicle moments after the shooting.  Cecil Brown went underground and was never brought in on the charges. His whereabouts is still unknown. Some speculate he fled the country to an Islamic state living a life as a Muslim. Cecil Brown was never captured and prosecuted for the killing of this innocent white child. If Bill Clinton had a son, he would look like Michael Kirkland.

The Black Panthers’ hatred of whites and Jews is well known. Formed around a powerful and distinct brand of racism and cloaked in some kind of distorted civil rights stance,  is the core of the New Black Panthers existence.   The New Black Panthers’ history is marked by years of unending violence, murder, cop-killing, anti-Semitism, terrorism, anti-White racism and pan-Islamism.

Black Panthers have also latched onto Radical Islam embracing it’s own movement against America. Radical Islam seeks to destroy America’s free way of life which plays well into the Panther’s plan to disrupt and create chaos in the United States.  The Black Panthers organization and ideals is dangerous enough. However, coupled with Radical Islam, it poses a great threat in America.

Black Panther’s belief and teaching of Black Liberation Theology and Radical Islam’s painting America as the Great Satan stands on the same principles governed by hatred, dissent, reverse racism and violence that  President Barack Obama stands on.  Many believe Obama is the most dangerous man in America today.

Many Black Panthers, who are now extremist Muslims cause célèbre in the Islamofascist community. Imprisoned cop-killer Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin a/k/a H. Rap Brown bragged, “Violence is as American as cherry pie,” killed one sheriff’s deputy and wounded another in March 2000. The group–so vicious, so violent–even savagely tortured and murdered its own. The disgusting way they tortured and dismembered their living victims was so sick, it rivals that of the Islamic terrorists we are fighting now.


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