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Jul 23, 2012

Mass Shooting in BERLIN, Germany March 11, 2009

— Residents of a small German town still have not learned the motives of a teenager who burst into his former high school and went on a shooting rampage, killing 15 people before taking his own life.

Tim Kretschmer, 17, entered the Albertville School in the town of Winnenden about 9:30 a.m. wearing black clothes and carrying a semiautomatic pistol. He fatally shot 12 people there before leaving the school. After killing a man he encountered outside the school grounds, he commandeered a vehicle and fled to a nearby town, officials said. 20 miles away he ran into a nearby Volkswagen dealership and killed a salesman and a customer, before shooting himself as police converged on the scene. The entire episode lasted nearly three hours.

Zug Massacre – Mass Shooting in Switzerland 2001

Friedrich Leibacher, age 15,  shot and killed 14 people at the Parliament in Zug before killing himself.

Mdantsane Massacre South Africa 2002

Bulelani Vukwana 29, killed 11 people and injured 6 in the South African township of Mdantsane after an argument with his girlfriend.

Erfurt school shooting Germany 2002

Robert Steinhäuser, 19, used a Glock 17 to kill 16 people at Gutenberg secondary school half a year after being expelled, and then shot himself.[13]

Beltway sniper attacks     United States     2002

John Allen Muhammad & Lee Boyd Malvo   killed 10 and injured several others over the course of three weeks. Muhammad, who was 41, was executed November 10, 2009. Malvo is currently serving six consecutive life sentences.

London and Sussex murders     United Kingdom     2004

Daniel Gonzalez  killed four people and injured two others by stabbing during three days across London and Sussex in September 2004.

Red Lake Massacre     United States     2005

Jeff Weise  shot and killed his grandfather and his grandfather’s girlfriend, both police officers. He then proceeded to a local high school and fatally shot a security guard, five students, and a teacher, injured 15 others, then committed suicide.

Virginia Tech Massacre     United States     2007

Seung-Hui Cho using two pistols, killed 32 in two separate events and then himself in about three hours.

Jokela school shooting     Finland     2007

Pekka-Eric Auvinen  an 18-year-old high school student, killed eight people with a semi-automatic pistol before shooting himself in the head.

Westroads Mall shooting     United States     2007

Robert A. Hawkins   19, entered a mall in Omaha, Nebraska, and shot and killed eight people, injured five others, then killed himself.

Akihabara Massacre     Japan     2008

Tomohiro Kat?  hit a crowd with a truck, then stabbed and killed 7 people.

Kauhajoki school shooting     Finland     2008

Matti Juhani Saari, a 22-year-old culinary arts student, killed ten people with a pistol before shooting himself in the head.

Geneva County Massacre     United States     2009

Michael McLendon, 28, used an SKS rifle, a Bushmaster AR-15 and a .38-caliber handgun to kill 10 people before shooting himself.

Winnenden school shooting     Germany     2009

Tim Kretschmer, a 17-year-old former student, shot and killed 15 people in two separate locations before shooting himself.

Sello mall shooting     Finland     2009

Ibrahim Shkupolli 43, stabbed and killed his ex-girlfriend in her apartment before moving on to the Sello mall where he shot and killed four people; his ex-girlfriend’s new lover was believed to be among the victims. Shkupolli was later found dead of an apparent suicide.

2010 Appomattox shootings     United States     2010

Christopher Speight killed eight people in three locations in Appomattox, Virginia with a rifle over several hours before surrendering to police.

Cumbria shootings     United Kingdom     2010

Derrick Bird, a 52-year-old taxi driver, shot dead 12 people in several towns and villages in west Cumbria. He also injured 11 others in a four-hour rampage. Bird committed suicide.

2010 Bratislava shooting     Slovakia     2010

?ubomír Harman   –     Eight people (including the perpetrator) died and 17 were injured after Harman opened fire armed with a Vz. 58 assault rifle in a suburb of Bratislava, Slovakia. Harman is the first gun-wielding Slovak spree killer.

2011 Alphen aan den Rijn shopping mall shooting     Netherlands     2011

Tristan van der Vlis killed 7 people and injured 17  in a shopping mall in Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands.  The gunman later committed suicide.

2011 Grand Rapids, Michigan shooting     United States     2011

Rodrick Dantzler  killed 8 people in two separate homes and two additional persons were injured by firearms. Dantzler later killed himself after holding three people hostage.

2011 Norway attacks     Norway     2011

Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people. On July 22, 2011, Breivik killed eight people with a car bomb outside of a government building in Oslo. Two hours later, dressed in a police uniform, he opened fire at a summer camp on the island of Utøya, killing 69 people, mostly teenagers. When police arrived, Breivik surrendered without resistance.

2011 Copley Township, Ohio shooting     United States     2011

Michael Hance     7     Armed with two handguns, Hance went on a shooting spree. He first wounded his girlfriend, then he killed seven people before being shot and killed by police.[15]

2011 Liège attack     Belgium     2011

Nordine Amrani     7     Amrani murdered a woman in his house He then went to Saint-Lambert Square in Liège where he threw grenades and fired an FN FAL rifle, killing five and injuring 125. He then committed suicide by shooting himself.
2012 Midi-Pyrénées shootings     France     2012

Mohammed Merah     7     In three events, Mohammed Merah kills 3 soldiers, 1 school teacher and 3 children. Shot by RAID.

Oikos University shooting     United States     2012

One L. Goh     7     Goh, an expelled student, was searching for a particular administrator. When told of her absence, he opened fire at random people.

2012 Seattle cafe shooting spree     United States     2012

Ian Stawicki     5     Ian Stawicki shot and killed four patrons and wounded the chef at Café Racer in Seattle, Washington. He then killed another woman next to Town Hall Seattle. He later committed suicide.



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