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Obama a Socialist – New Campaign Slogan “Forward” Has Socialist Ties

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Barack Obama’s re-election campaign unveiled its new slogan, “Forward” which is s a word long associated with Europe’s radical left.  The slogan has reaffirmed the fact that Obama is, to some degree or other, a socialist,  a fact that surfaced early in the 2008 campaign and has continued to become more and more apparent.

The Washington Time reported that the “New Obama slogan has long ties to Marxism, socialism,”. A column by Russian immigrant Svetlana Kunin, for Investor’s Business Daily, confirmed that Obama seeks to move America forward to “total government involvement in people’s lives.”

In the 20th century, many elements of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal — including Social Security — were socialist based programs.  Medicare, another Socialist based program, was created in the 1960s.

To many historians and political scientists — and to actual socialists as well — the fact that Obama is a socialist lacks no further evidence.

Those who are most insightful of Obama’s politics have sought to expose one of the most classic forms of socialism — government control of the nation’s means of production.  If Obama is given a 2nd term, this is when he will implement a full force agenda in attempts to do just that, all under the guise of “recovery”. Obamacare itself seeks to control 1/6th of the nations economy.

Terence Ball, a political hack at Arizona State University, and full fledged Communist says “socialist’ has gained currency as an anti-Obama slur because “the `L’ word (liberal) has lost its shock value.” He couldn’t be more wrong – blinded by his own ideology.

“I grow weary of Obama and the Democrats being called socialist,” said Ball, who has written about ideologies. “If you talk to any real socialist, they disown them very, very quickly.”

Full-fledged U.S. socialists are relatively scarce these days but Socialists such as Obama implement their ideologies quietly, and slyly. In the cover of darkness, behind closed doors. By the time Obama’s plans have been fully implemented,  it will be too late— three socialist-oriented presidential candidates received about 21,000 votes among them in 2008. And current socialist leaders don’t share the right-wing view that Obama is a fellow traveler. This is all a rouse, however.

“It makes perfect sense,” said Greg Pason, national secretary of the Socialist Party USA. Obama’s health care overhaul “is clearly a socialist plan when you read it closely. It’s definitely going to put for-profit companies out of business.”

Pason has been pleased by the fact that Obama is a  Socialist.

“We’ve had an opportunity to talk to more people, and that’s been a blessing,” he said. “People have actually researched socialist organizations.”

One tidbit they might learn: The Pledge of Allegiance — the epitome of American patriotism — was written in 1892 by a socialist clergyman, Francis Bellamy.

When the 2012 Republican presidential campaign was still competitive, three of the leading candidates — Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann — intelligently and thoroughly uncovered Obama as a socialist, but he American people have trouble swallowing those facts so they ignore them altogether.

In one of the GOP debates, Romney correctly noted that Obama “takes his political inspiration from Europe, from the socialist-democrats in Europe.”

Radio host Rush Limbaugh was among several conservatives who chided Romney for his reluctance to call Obama the socialist that he clearly is, outright.

“You know, I keep forgetting, the fact that Obama is black, is why we can’t call him a socialist,” Limbaugh cleverly said on one of his shows. “That had slipped my mind because when I look at Obama, I don’t see black. I see a socialist. I see a Marxist.” Its true that most Democrats see everything through the prism of race and class, however Conservatives do not. They see things through the prism of Liberal or Conservative. You are either one or the other.  Democrats however seek to further divide the American people falsely creating race and class issues whenever possible.

A slew of books have been written by conservative authors who have been meticulous in their research in proving Obama as socialist. Among the more poignant, in terms of research, was “Radical in Chief” by Stanley Kurtz, a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, a conservative Washington think tank. Delving into Obama’s years as a student and a community organizer, Kurtz uncovered that Obama is clearly a part of a coterie of “stealth socialists.”

“Over the long term, Obama’s plans are designed to ensnare the country in a new socialism, a stealth socialism that masquerades as a traditional sense of fair play, a soft but pernicious socialism similar to that currently strangling the economies of Europe,” Kurtz wrote.

The new French president, Francois Hollande, is a Socialist, and most of Western Europe adheres to socialist-style policies that continue to struggle under a variety of governing parties.

Canada, which resembles the U.S. in so many ways, has a universal health care system that does not work and its main opposition party, the New Democrats, is union-backed and has socialist roots as well.

One of the few contemporary U.S. politicians to embrace the socialist label is Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. He formally lists himself as an independent, but throughout his career — including stints as a mayor and House member — he’s described himself as a democratic socialist.

David Limbaugh’s book Liberty and Tyranny explains quite eloquently how Obama uses soft Tyranny to lay a foundation for his Socialism.

Former Bill Clinton pollster Dick Morris points out in The Hill that President Obama’s plan to convert government stock in American banks from preferred stock to common stock would effectively socialize our banking industry.

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