Exclusive: Wealthy Texas Businessman Offers $100,000 to Each Woman Who Admits She Faked Fainting During Obama 2008 Campaign

Jul 25, 2012

(DS – Nov 1, 2012)

Obama Fake Fainter AwardA wealthy businessman in Houston, TX, is offering a $100,000 reward, or “award” to any person who comes forward admitting they faked fainting at rallies during Obama’s 2008 or 2012 presidential campaigns.

In order to qualify to receive the money, the fake fainter must consent to an openly taped interview by an independent media company. The fake fainter will also be asked to sign an sworn affidavit admitting she was put up to the charade and be able to identify the individuals who orchestrated the event. Individuals must be identified by name regardless if they are an independent Democrat operative or Obama campaign worker. The admitted Obama fake fainter must be able to give specific evidence and details of the individual that put them up to the charade.

Any person who admits to receiving monetary compensation in exchange for their staged fainting episode will receive a $100,000 reward and will also receive full legal representation and protection should a lawsuit ensue as a result of her testimony.

The Texas businessman, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, will set aside $1M in a fund managed by a Texas law firm that will pay out recipients once their statements and testimonies can be independently verified.

Although initially skeptical of the validity of an email received on October 19th offering an exclusive in making the announcement, representatives  of both parties agreed to a meeting with attorneys present for both parties. The meeting took place in Houston on Oct 28th, 2012 where details of the awards were provided.  The Texan, who considers himself a Conservative Libertarian, has lent considerable support to Republican, Conservative and Libertarian political candidates in past elections as well as independent PACs aimed at defeating President Obama in 2008 and 2012.

The Texan agreed to place the $1 million in escrow as soon as the first person who admits to fake fainting at Obama rallies comes forward.   A press conference will be held once the individual’s claim can be corroborated.   A press conference will be held announcing the details concerning the status of the rewards and the recipients who have come forward.

Folks will recall the fainting phenomena that occurred all throughout President Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign but seems to have disappeared altogether in the 2012 Obama campaign.

“Looks like somebody might’ve fainted up here, have we got . . . Somebody . . . EMS . . . Somebody . .  Don’t worry about it: Folks do this all the time in my meetings,” Obama said. “You always got to eat before you stand for a long time–that’s a little tip. They’ll be OK, just make sure–give them a little room.

The anonymous donor decided to forgo breaking the story through mainstream media outlets citing extreme disappointment in so-called news networks such as NBC, MSNBC and ABC for their lack of objectivity and their obvious bias towards Democrat and Liberal politicians.

A statement by the Texan, read in part,

“Journalism is most certainly dead in America and mainstream news outlets such as MSNBC and ABC will say anything to make President Obama look good and will avoid and and all facts that point to the shameful failure of Mr. Obama’s presidency.

Obama Fake Fainter AwardThe Texas business man went on to add, “They [MSNBC, ABC] go out of their way to leave out key information in much of their reporting.  The mainstream news outlets not only hold back key information that would enable the public to get the full and accurate story but they also distort and bend the truth to fit their own biased narrative with the purpose of negatively portraying Conservatives and Republicans.  News outlets such as ABC, NBC and even CNN have tainted their brand more so in the last 8 years by a consistent no holds barred bashing of George W Bush and other Republicans every chance they could while now protecting Mr. Obama at every opportunity they can.

If President Bush were in office today and the Benghazi attacks happened the way they did, and without leadership and action as it is while Mr Obama is president, or the Fast N Furious scandal broke with an American death, we would be seeing and hearing 24/7 negative news coverage blaming President Bush for his shear negligence and failure on these very important issues with calls for his impeachment.

What we see now on these so called “news channels is  unrelenting, uncompromising and unconditional support of Liberalism, Socialism even Communism and full support and protection of the Obama administration. These mainstream media outlets carry their Liberal biased agenda out at all costs.  Then when everything falls apart in this country because of the failure of Progressive Liberalism led by the mainstream propaganda machine,  they will most assuredly find a way to blame Conservatives”

“Even if one argues that Fox news is biased towards Republicans and Conservatives the difference is that it is FAR more dangerous to believe Liberal lies. Liberal lies marches us towards Communism, Socialism, out of control government spending, over-reaching regulations and intervention and the loss of individual rights and freedom.

Conservatism simply seeks to protect individual freedoms above all else and allows free market enterprise to work itself out without the interference of an inefficient government bureaucracy”.

More details about the fake fainting award offer will be released in the coming days ahead. A law firm based in Texas will represent the businessman and will confirm when the $1M award has been placed in escrow.

For further information, contact:  fakefainting@gmail.com



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