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Apr 23, 2012

Liberals Are Typically Intolerant

Liberals Are Typically Intolerant

A little study guideline that will tell you WHY you are a Democrat. This is not a Joke. These are 100% FACTS. Check them, because if you are between the ages of 18 and 30 years old there is a good chance you actually DO NOT KNOW 100% WHY you are a Democrat.

Why am I a Democrat?

• I am a Democrat because I want HIGHER taxes

• I am a Democrat because I want BIGGER government

• I am a Democrat because I Believe America Losing the War Against Radical Islam is not a priority

• I am a Democrat because I’m OK that Obama will NOT forsake partisanship for progress.

• I am a Democrat because I dont care, or have no idea why I should question why President Barack Obama sat on a Board of directors with a KNOWN, ADMITTED, UNREPENTANT and convicted U.S. Radical Terrorist William Ayers for many years calling him “friend” then later claimed he barely knew him.

• I am a Democrat because I dont care that my candidate for president mysteriously acquired a million dollar piece of property in a shady deal through Tony Rezco, a man convicted of fraud for, guess what? Shady Land Deals!

• I am a democrat because I dont mind that my candidate seems to lack judgment after attending a church for 20 years with a racist, bigoted pastor who outwardly speaks AGAINST America and for all intents and purposes HATES America, and Obama continued to attend that church ONLY until the conservative media found out… aired the pastor’s radical commentary over and over while MSNBC and CNN would NOT… then Obama suddenly stopped attending the church and the minister had to step down.. hmmm… thats curious. Obama then, so it clearly seems, TOTALLY lack’s judgment!, thats what that is… there’s no argument, its simply LACK OF JUDGEMENT you cant paint the truth ANY DIFFERENT. Please dont try. You agree, and you would be a democrat.

• I am a Democrat because I don’t mind that my candidate’s wife has never been proud to be an American until her husband was nominated for president

TV Liberals - Biased Media

TV Liberals – Biased Media

• I am a Democrat because I don’t mind that if an unborn child is set for abortion yet somehow survives the abortion remaining alive I’d kill it anyway even though it has now become, OFFICIALLY, as defined by law and medical science a “living, breathing HUMAN LIFE”. While my candidate is at it, maybe he cold pass another bill that would allow parents to terminate their 10 year old children when they become a burden, inconvenient, fatherless or too costly to maintain.

• I am a Democrat because I believe that businesses create oppression and governments create prosperity.

• I am a Democrat because I believe that the same teacher who CAN NOT teach fourth graders to READ is somehow qualified to teach those same kids about sex!

• I am a Democrat because my candidate wants to DIGNIFY Terrorist loving, tyrannic, USA-Hating World Leaders by giving them a forum of which to meet one on one… you call this DIPLOMACY the Fascists and Tyrants call it an Opportunity to advance their ideologies and hatred towards America…. you’re Naive to think they will give up thousands of years of thinking and a way of life just by “talking” They want to damn America and will use you any way they can to do it.

• I am a Democrat because I prefer the ideas of socialism / communism over free enterprise. And you also believe that just because history has shown that SOCIALISM has NEVER worked, you believe the reason is because the right people have never been in charge! LOL

• I am a Democrat because I believe that gender roles are ARTIFICIAL while homosexuality is NATURAL.

• I am a Democrat because I believe that standardized tests are RACIST, but racial quotas and set-asides are not?

• I am a Democrat because I want the government to pay for everything.

• I am a Democrat because I dont want to offend black people by not voting for a black president. I am POLITICALLY correct.

• I am a Democrat because I truly believe that taxes are TOO LOW, but ATM fees are TOO HIGH

• I am a Democrat because I believe that it’s okay to give Federal workers the day off on Christmas Day but it is NOT okay to say ‘Merry Christmas’

• I am a Democrat because I believe that hunters DO NOT care about NATURE, but crazy acting activists who have never been outside of San Francisco do.

• I am a democrat because I want change, even though my candidate cant lay out any real changing policies and has skirted around the issue of “detailed changes” for the past year… and because deep down the only change I am voting for, that I know of, is the change that is changing for the change on the change that is change in the change we need to change for…. yeah, thats how well defined Obamas’ “Change” is The only significant change if Obama is elected is that he will be the FIRST BLACK (er rather, half white) person to be elected as President of the United States and that, i guess, is enough to qualify him as president of the greatest nation in the free world

If you HATE your country, vote Barrack Obama. If you love terrorists, Vote Barrack Obama

60% of my friends are black… I love them dearly, but that doesn’t mean I’m voting for Barack Hussein Obama Jr, Don’t worry, you wont offend black people if you dont vote for Obama

There is a good chance that Obama will become the next president, mostly because of an entire nation of uniformed, mis informed and clueless people who know NOTHING about politics and would never lift a finger to find out about real issues but instead vote based on a media who is IN THE TANK FOR OBAMA because most of the media outlets are run by liberals, That isn’t an insult to you at all… because 90% of what you are watching hides the truth about Obama so how would you know?? You have to RESEARCH! And are you REALLY going to do that??? FACT… that means, you ARENT LEARNING THE FACTS

If Obama becomes President, America will be DESTROYED by 2012. You wont remember I made this prediction, because you will all be too busy running for your lives to try and save yourselves and your family from impending doom…. maybe during a nuclear holocaust or an America plunged too deeply into depression and economic failure that we will destroy ourselves… now THAT’s CHANGE!

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