Blacks allow Democrats to define how they should act. Its not about being black, its about being a racist Democrat

Nov 27, 2011

Herman Cain outs Democrats for brainwashing Americans. However, Lawrence O’donnell of MSNBS is allowed to insult and demean Herman Cain as well as Herman Cain’s father in a recent interview. Lawrence O’donnell accuses Herman Cain of not being “down for the struggle” This is racism in all it’s glory. A purebred white man telling a black man how he should act, what he should do, and what politics he should adopt.

O’donnell gets away with blatant racism as he tells Herman Cain that he is not acting like his plantation owner (Democrat Left) wants him to act by his not participating in the civil rights movements. Cain says, he was too busy getting ahead in life, getting an education, learning to run a business, and becoming a math genius then on to becoming a highly successful entrepreneur and businessman.

You see, Democrats want blacks to stay poor… to force blacks and other minorities to rely on elected Democrats for social programs (to keep them that way), through their failed entitlement programs to gain control and power. Any black man that rises above the ranks by hos own merits and through his own ambition and drive is useless to the Democrat party.

O’donnell accuses Cain of a deliberate move to not participate in the civil right’s movement which is a pure distortion of the true facts. Cain adamantly admonishes O’Donell for his inaccurate statement of the facts.

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