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Hill Poll Shows Voters Blame Obama for Bad Economy

Jul 23, 2012 No Comments by

Obama Blamed For Poor Economy, Finally Two-thirds of likely voters say the weak economy is Washington’s fault, and more blame President Obama than anybody else, according to a new poll for The Hill. It found that 66 percent believe paltry job growth and slow economic recovery is the result of bad policy. Thirty-four percent say […]

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Obama Now Worst President in History Despite Mainstream Media’s Unwillingness to Report Accurately on his Scandals, Mistakes, Slip-ups, Bad Judgment, Poor Leadership and Devastating Policy Failures

Nov 30, 2011 No Comments

Barack Obama has achieved the status of “worst president in U.S history” at this stage in his presidency. Obama’s approval ratings have plunged farther below that of malaise president, Jimmy Carter. Despite these facts, Obama may also be the first President to be re-elected to office having such low poll numbers due to the help […]

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Polls show Obama is 5 times worse than Jimmy Carter on economy

Sep 09, 2011 No Comments

Two new polls today find that only 1/3 of the American public feels that President Obama deserves re-election while five times more Americans think Obama has done a worse job fixing the economy than Jimmy Carter, the nations worse president before Obama. Washington Whispers contributor John Zogby says his new polling is “spirit-crushing for the […]

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