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Newt Gingrich – Cain and Romney superior to Obama on dealing with Iran, Obama dumb & dumber

Nov 13, 2011 No Comments by

At the South Carolina Republican debate Saturday night Speaker Gingrich answered Major Garrett’s question on the possibilities of war with Iran by first saying that both Herman Cain and Mitt Romney’s answers to the same question were “superior to current administration.” Speaker Gingrich went on to criticize Obama’s administration again by adding: “There are a […]

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Herman Cain: Oust Iran regime, keep Gitmo open & water-boarding ok

Nov 12, 2011 No Comments

The latest polls show Cain as the current leader, although Speaker Gingrich has risen dramatically in national polls in the past few weeks and Perry continues to fall. During the South Carolina Republican debate Saturday night, Cain was confident and steadfast in his answers to questions on Foreign policy and security. Cain responded to questions […]

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