Lemonade Stand Girls Will Sell Their Product at Richmond Hill Farmer’s Market

Jul 18, 2011

Midway Police shut down a lemonade stand because the girls didn’t have a business license.

After it happened, the girls story went national.

Now, they are getting another chance at selling their lemonade.

According to the Richmond Hill Farmer’s Market Facebook page: the girls will be selling their lemonade at the farmer’s market tomorrow (Tuesday) from 4pm until 8pm.

The page says the girls do not have to have a city license to sell at the farmer’s market.

Last week, Midway Police told News 3 that they were getting calls from all over the nation in response to this story.

They said they were forced to close the girls stand down because they didn’t have the proper permits and licenses to sell.

Police also said they were working on a compromise in future situations like this, but everything would have to be cleared of any legal issues.

News 3 has contacted Mayor Washington of Midway to discuss the situation further.

We are waiting to hear back.


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