Michele Bachmann: ACLU is running the CIA, Obama no friend of Israel, verge of world wide nuclear war

Nov 13, 2011

During Saturday night’s Republican debate in South Carolina, Major Garrett asked Michele Bachmann about Pakistan, enhanced interrogation and nuclear bombs. Here are some highlights of responses given by Congresswomen Bachmann:

“Pakistan is a very difficult area as they have been housing terrorists and there are terrorists training there but we should not pull all foreign aid from Pakistan as Rick Perry suggests. The problem is that we have more Al-Qaeda members close to Pakistan’s nuclear bombs. These are very dangerous times.”

“The Commander In Chief has to understand on Day 1 the intricacies happening in the Middle East. Iran is linked with Syria. It seems that the table is being set for a world wide nuclear war against Israel.

When asked about water-boarding Bachmann said, “As president I would be willing to use water-boarding. Today under Barack Obama he is allowing the ACLU to run the CIA.”

Bachmann also said that, “President Obama has been more that willing to stand by the Occupy Wallstreet group but he hasn’t been willing to stand with Israel. Israel looks at President Obama and they do not see a friend”

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