More Liberal Lies regarding “Occupiers” in Oakland

Oct 28, 2011

It’s an outright LIE to say that the nationwide “Occupiers” or misguided protesters are peaceful. There is NOTHING peaceful about the attitudes of these so-called “occupiers” They are NOTHING like the Tea partiers.

Last week Donny Deutsch made the idiotic argument that the nationwide “Occupy” protests needed a “Kent State” moment to make it more historically relevant. He doubled down on Friday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, adding that while he didn’t want violence, it may be what’s needed to take the movement to “the next level.” And former California congresswoman Barbara Lee said all the violence was coming from officers with badges and THAT is an OUTRIGHT, and ABSOLUTE LIE!!!

“Well, I was terrified at what took place, in watching at what took place in Oakland, and expressed my outrage and real concern for what has taken place,” Lee replied. “But the protesters are not what is causing this violence. These are peaceful protesters who have a right to petition their government.”

A report from the liberal magazine Mother Jones challenges Lee’s claims that Occupy Oakland was composed entirely of “peaceful protesters.” On “Morning Joe,” Joe Scarborough asked Lee if there was any validity to that claim, and others, that riled-up protesters provoked the Oakland police.

“Yes, Joe — but I believe also when you look at what took place the reaction was not appropriate for what was taking place,” she said. “They overreacted and it was really a shame and a disgrace. This is a nonviolent movement.”

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