Obama Now Worst President in History Despite Mainstream Media’s Unwillingness to Report Accurately on his Scandals, Mistakes, Slip-ups, Bad Judgment, Poor Leadership and Devastating Policy Failures

Nov 30, 2011

Barack Obama Bad Photo Sad President

Barack Obama Bad Photo Sad President

Barack Obama has achieved the status of “worst president in U.S history” at this stage in his presidency. Obama’s approval ratings have plunged farther below that of malaise president, Jimmy Carter. Despite these facts, Obama may also be the first President to be re-elected to office having such low poll numbers due to the help of the main stream media outlets and a campaign coffer second to none. Obama is not only relying heavily on a billion dollar campaign budget but also on the uninformed, misaligned entitlement mentality, progressive, Liberal, occupier-type youth vote that was his base, and remains so, from his election in 2008.

Even after the killing of Osama Bin Laden and Muammar Gaddafi, Obama’s numbers continue to fall. Perhaps just before the 2012 election Obama could order drone attacks on Iran’s Ahmadinejad, Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, the Castro Bothers and Hugo Chavez he might have a chance. On second thought, Obama’s base are sympathizers of those leaders, so forget that but it might help some Independents decide in his favor.

Gallup’s daily presidential job approval index has indicated that the President’s approval rating has sunk to 43 percent as of this week. This is a new low for Obama as it passes far below that of Democrat Jimmy Carter’s 51 percent at this same point in his presidency. Jimmy Carter has always been considered the worst president in US History but now Barack Obama can claim that title.

Chris Christie referred to Obama this week as

“Bystander in Chief”

Other’s have called the president, “Campaigner-in-Chief”, “Radical-in-Chief” and Blamer-in-Chief”. Larry Kudlow of National Review refers to Obama as

Demoralizer-in-Chief or Job-Wrecker-in-Chief”

Barack Obama Bad Photo Sad President

Barack Obama Bad Photo Sad President

Most political experts, not at MSNBC, CNN or CBS consider the Gallup ratings a tell tale sign for predicting a president’s chances for re-election.

Historically, it has been nearly impossible for an incumbent to remain President if their approval ratings are below 47 percent. With the help of main stream news media outlets such as MSNBC and CNN, who seem to believe Barack Obama can no no wrong despite his plummeting ratings disastrous policies, a majority of the voting public will go forward to the voting booths in 2012 uninformed of the truth.

Unfortunately many main stream media outlets do the American public a catastrophic disservice by purposely downplaying Obama’s scandals, mistakes, slip-ups, bad judgment, poor leadership and devastating failure of policies that have been a direct result in worsening America’s ability to get back on track. Some of Obama’s greatest failures have gone completely unreported clearly showing the media bias in America.

In stark contrast to Obama, at this same stage in his presidency Republican president Dwight Eisenhower had an approval rating of 78 percent.

Here are some other presidential approval ratings at the same stage in office as Barack Obama:

  • Harry S. Truman — 54 percent
  • Lyndon B. Johnson — 44 percent
  • Richard M. Nixon — 50 percent
  • Ronald Reagan — 54 percent
  • George H.W. Bush — 52 percent
  • Bill Clinton — 51 percent
  • George W. Bush — 55 percent
  • Gallup Poll Obama Worst President

    Gallup Poll Obama Worst President

    Gallup reported that Obama’s overall job approval rating has only averaged 49 percent. Only three former presidents have had a worse average rating at this stage: Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, and Harry Truman. Ford’s approval rating were a direct result of the Vietnam war. Truman won re-election using the same tactic Obama is using out of the Democrat playbook: lie about Congress being a “do-nothing” Congress, as opposed to the truth that both Truman and Obama created policies and plans that were impossible to improve.

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