Obama Scam: Calls Sept 7 Joint Session of Congress in Order to disrupt GOP Debate

Aug 31, 2011

Obama is at it again! Barack Obama sent a letter to Capitol Hill leaders requesting that Sept 7th at 8pm he would like to address a Joint Session of Congress. This is supposed to be Obama’s jobs speech but intelligent Americans know darn well this date and time was chosen in order to disrupt the GOP National debate at the Regan Library which will be Gov. Ricky Perry’s first debate with other Republican presidential hopefuls since announcing his candidacy Aug. 13. .

Also planning to debate is former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, Representative Michele Bachmann from Minnesota, ex Godfather pizza CEO Herman Cain along with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul of Texas, and Rick Santorum former Senator of Pennsylvania.

The debate is sponsored by the Reagan Presidential Foundation, NBC News and Politico, which reported the lineup Thursday.

Perry is now beating Obama in the polls, so clearly this is a strategy of the Obama Administration to interrupt the debate and focus American’s attention on his supposed bi-partisan jobs plan. Obama cleverly set it up so if Republicans refuse, he can continue to dust off the Democrat play book and blame Republicans some more for saying, “no”.

It’s apparent that Obama is running scared at the moment as his approval rate continues to free fall. It is clear that the only strategy Obama has for re-election from now until the election will be to continue to demonize, disrupt, and demagogue the Republican party because Obama can not run on his record of failed policies, failed stimulus, and failed healthcare plan.

Speaker Boehner should absolutely REJECT this request, which many will see is a clear political game being played by Obama. This is a stunt for Obama to look better than the Republicans

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