Predators Watch Scam – Crime Ring, Extortion Operation PredatorsWatch Fraud Craigslist Scam

Jan 20, 2013 2 Comments Scams Innocent Male Victims By Posting Fraudulent Craigslist Ads then after collecting photos posts the name, email address and photo on their Predators Watch Website with a button requesting $99 to remove it.

PredatorsWatch Scam Fraud Extortion Blackmail

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First you go to and you click on the “Women 4 Men” section where woman have posted ads seeking to meet a man for dating or friendship. You answer the ad, which in it requests you send a photo of yourself in first email or your email will be deleted. So you do this. 20 minutes later you receive the following email:

From: “ Support”, “ Support”

Subject: “Your Name” – *ALERT* You have been added as an Internet Predator

Email Body:Dear ********,

Your details have been added to our online predator watch list. Please click the following URL to review the details. (Created by Predators Watch themselves)

If you believe this profile was posted in error, you can delete the profile from our directory, Google, and other search engines by clicking the Delete Profile link on your profile. If you choose not to delete your profile it will stay active on our website making it visible to friends, family, employers, law enforcement and online dating websites.

Thank You,


Predators Watch Support

Please do not reply to this email, as we are not able to respond to messages sent to this address.

When you click on the link, you are directed to a newly created profile with YOUR photo and YOUR email with a false claim that you are some kind of predator. When all you did was answer a non-sexual ad on craigslist from a “woman” looking for companionship. seeks to extort $99 from each unsuspecting victim. They even have a legal section threatening YOU not to try and sue them because in their distorted world view, they think it is legal for them to post false ads, then post your photo on their website falsely claiming that you are some kind of internet predator. It doesnt get any lower on the scumbag list than this.

the PredatorsWatch website has been reported as a scam, rip-off and fraudulent extortion ring numerous times. They have the audacity to threaten YOU if you are thinking about suing them. We anticipate that the purveyors of this extortion and blackmail ring will end up dead in a gutter somewhere once they falsely accuse the wrong innocent victim then publicly post their photo on their “predators” website.

PredarorsWatch – The Online Watch Extortion, defamation, slander, blackmail, Internet Scam has created a spinoff of other websites who legitimately seek to expose real potential internet predators. Some have successfully resolved the issue by first asking them to remove the erroneous info from their site. Then, you can file a report with the IC3, their domain host and several other agencies.

They were shut down under a previous web address. So now has the same scam with different web address. gets your info from Craigslist personals ads that they themselves post and when you respond to the post, they take your info and post it on their site as an online predator. Then, Predators Watch sends you an email to inform you they will remove remove it for $100.

Please report and file complaints to IC3 and your state Attorney General.

Formerly PredatorsWatch was known as “predator mug shots” and they were shut down. Other scam domains these scum bags have used include and

Where to Report or File a Claim Against

File internet crime complaint or FBI complaint against here: File Internet Claim Against


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    PREDATORS WATCH BLACKMAIL SCAM. This website is an extortion website only. The website preys on people by posting lies. They want cash for them to remove the lies…fake fraudulent website. Nothing but a SCAM!


    PREDATORS WATCH is a BLACKMAIL scam only. The website does all of the posting. They pose as a service but it’s nothing but a SCAM!!

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