Solyndra Scam & Gamble: Obama plans to double down on failed, fraudulent companies such as Solyndra in 2012

Jul 14, 2011 1 Comment

Obama Doubles Down on Failed Solar Companies

Obama Doubles Down on Failed Solar Companies

Obama plans to slash funding for Oil and Gas (yet give billions in U.S. taxpayer funds to Argentina and Brazil to explore for oil in the US or offshore)

At the same time President Obama plans on increasing spending on failed energy technologies such as Solyndra, a so called “green company” which was actually failed, fake company championed by Barack Obama. Obama repeatedly said the $500,000,000 given to Solyndra was, “money well spent”

“The true engine of economic growth will always be companies like Solyndra,”

Obama said. Well if that’s true, under Obama, we are in BIG trouble!

Obama has increased spending to nearly $30 Billion on clean energy and research and development (of technologies that don’t work) Many Democrat and Republican lawmakers and politicians believe this huge increase in spending in 2012 on failed green technologies during the countries worsening economic hard times is unconscionable.

Obama’s 2012 budget claims to position the United States to lead in the clean energy economy by providing $5.4 billion for long-term research and development at the Office of Science and $550 million for the Advanced Research Projects Agency–Energy. This translates to more money for experiments and failed technologies down the drain.

The Obama budget also commits to making a significant amount of money given towards U.S. energy technology leadership, more than doubling energy efficiency research, development, and deployment and increasing renewable energy investments by over 70 percent. We are talking about more solar and wind companies that don’t produce energy and are going bankrupt left and right in the United States.


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  1. competitioninthemarketplace says:

    One comment, Enron and BP oil spill. One company 12 billion dollars lost tens of thousands lost their retirement and their jobs. The second company put hundreds of thousands out of work 50 billion later and the ocean is still not cleaned up. The fact that a few clean energy companies went under, that’s business trying to find the right business model. Not a conspiracy or a waste of money, nor did it harm thousands of others in other industries such as the fishing and shrimp industry in the gulf. The real question is, why wouldn’t you ewant every energy company and every company to succeed? More companies more people employed, more people paying their fair share of taxes and spreading the responsibility equally among us. Wind and solar is competition in the market place where there was none before.

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