What Do Liberals Believe Today? Top Ten Liberal Dispositions – Religion of Liberalism

Jul 19, 2012

A Few Key Points How To Know If You Are A Liberal or How to Know You Are Talking To  a Liberal And Why Liberalism is a Religion

  1. You can’t reason with liberals.
  2. Liberals today are revolutionary radicals.
  3. Liberals don’t have a moral core today.
  4. Liberals have no belief except in their own indignant righteousness.
  5. You can’t reason with Liberals. The same reason you don’t negotiate with Al-Qaeda. Listed Twice because it is twice as true
  6. Liberals claim to have open minds but in fact, they are the complete opposite.
  7. Liberals claim to have tolerance, but instead they are the most intolerant among us, Especially when it comes to a Conservatives’ point of view.
  8. Liberals of today are extreme radical, mono-thematic ideologues who have no desire to be reasoned with. They have no desire to be treated reasonably.
  9. Liberals can not admit being wrong about anything
  10. Liberals Do Not Believe in the Self Made Individual and that NO MAN, or woman made it on their own… not without the help of an all powerful, all knowing Government.

Now, Liberalism is exactly like a religion, inst it?

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