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Madonna Accused of Performing Satanic Ritual During Superbowl Halftime Show

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Madonna superbowl fans tricks satan worhip
Madonna Duped Superbowl Fans into Participating in Satanic Worship

Madonna duped attendees of Superbowl 46 Sunday when she had special worship lights handed out to patrons so they could participate in the Satanic ritual she performed during the Superbowl halftime show.

Of course, “fans had no clue what they had been fooled into participating in,” a source close to the Madonna production team stated. The woman, who was part of the production team and let go of the following day is considering filing a lawsuit against the pop star mega queen alleging mental and physical abuse.

Several accusations have surfaced accusing Madonna of performing a subliminal, secret Satanic cult ritual during the halftime show. Of course this may not come as much of a shock to most.  Madonna has always shunned her Catholic roots and in her original “Like a Prayer” video clearly showed her mockery and disdain for Christianity.

Madonna Satanic Ritual
Madonna Satanic Ritual – Seated at Her Throne

The Madonna Satanic Ritual was a spectacular lip synced performance that left many of her fans in awe. The NFL Half Time Show featured cult-like costumes with performers (Madonna’s followers) displaying ritualistic dance moves that are clearly identified as a Satanic cult celebration ritual.

Madonna opened with the Superbowl show wearing a crown of gold representing the horns of Lucifer on a Roman themed stage.

At one point Madonna was adorned with a headdress for Ba’al, the Nephelim king, some refer to it as the Crown of Hathor. There were several props and and symbols used that refer to Goddess Isis as well as many Egyptian religious (pagan) symbolism such as the One eye and the Winger Sun.

Madonna Worships Satan
Madonna Worships Satan – No One is Surprised

According to Freemason writings, Lucifer is the lord of light and to worship Lucifer one should wear robes of black and white such as the ones Madonna and her followers adorned during the controversial  halftime show.  By fooling Superbowl fans in the stadium to participate in the Satanic ritual by having them hold up lights  shows Madonna’s Beelzebub type cunning.

Prior to Madonna changing into black robes her and her dancers were wearing red, gold & black; colors used to worship Lucifer. The entire production carried a Luciferian color theme.

Sources close to Madonna have stated that the extensive use of the Letter ‘M’ had less to do with Madonna’s name and more of a reference to the 13th letter of the alphabet which specifically represents the 13 Satanic Bloodlines. 13 also references the evil secret sect of Freemasons.

Madonna Sitting in Satan’s Throne

Madonna has not admitted the entire performance was a means of sending subliminal messages to the world, but many who know her say otherwise.  Some have stated that the message Madonna hoped to send the world was to, “Take heart lovers of pleasure. Our satanic messiah is about to appear with great power to usher in world peace (false peace)”

If you look closely you will see a pentagram or Baphomet on Madonna’s crotch. Also you can see sight of abuse if you look close enough at her crotch.”  Many in the blogoshere are attempting to figure out what happened to her. Perhaps she fell during rehearsal and injured herself?

In Madonna’s final dance and song number she comes out in a black Sabbath witch’s gown and sings ‘Like A Prayer’. The original video for Like a Prayer which is filled with sacrilegious images, Satanic ritual and a mocking of the church.  Fans have always been left wondering who Madonna is praying to when she dropped to her knees in the video and in the Superbowl halftime show.

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