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List of Obama Gaffes, Blunders & Mistakes – Obama Gaffes

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The ever-growing list of Barack Obama gaffes and blunders

Here are the highlights of Obama Gaffes and mistakes

    • Obama tells business owners and entrepreneurs “If you got a business, you didn’t build that, you didn’t make it on your own”
    • During what Obama himself calls “2nd Great Depression” and “worst recession in 70 years” he has played over 100 rounds of golf, staged 110 fundraisers and gone on 5 vacations
    • Obama proved he is out of touch when he said “Sometimes I forget the magnitude of the economy”
    • Obama Caught telling Russian leader, “”Don’t worry, after I’m elected I will have more reliability” to disarm the United States…
    • Obama press secretary says, there’s no specific reason the president hasn’t met with his jobs council” after not meeting with them once in the last year!
    • During worst recession in 70 years President Obama said, “the private sector is doing fine”
    • Obama calls the British Embassy, the “English Embassy”
    • Obama calls Navy Corpsman (pr. core-man) “corpse-man”
    • Obama says there are “57 States”
    • Obama claimed that “America built the Intercontinental Railroad”
    • Obama says that he bowled a 129 and compared it to the Special Olympics

  • Obama said, “John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith”
  • On Memorial Day Obama said, “I see many of the fallen heroes in the audience here today as we celebrate Memorial Day”
  • In a speech in Kansas Obama that said, “In case you missed it, this week, there was a tragedy in Kansas. Ten thousand people died—an entire town destroyed,” –referring to a Kansas tornado that killed 12 people. Oops, a bit overstated?
  • Major Blunder: Obama toasts the Queen of England while the Orchestra plays the UK’s national Anthem, “God Save The Queen
  • Obama Signs wrong year the London’s Westminster Abbey quest book. Off by 3 years.
  • Obama joked, “I don’t know what the term is in Austrian” for “wheeling and dealing.” There is no Austrian language!
  • Obama said his “Obamacare reforms we seek would bring greater inefficiencies to our health care system.” YIKES! A major Freudian slip in all its glory!
  • Obama bows to world leaders
  • Michelle Obama hugs the queen! YIKES!

The question American’s must ask themselves is, “if Obama had played less golf, taken less vacations and worked as hard on getting Americans back to work as he has raising hundreds of millions for his own negative campaign and running fundraiser after fundraiser, would America be in a better place right now?

Meanwhile we are told Rick Perry and George Bush are idiots? Hardly. Obama beats out all in idiocy, gaffes, mistakes and stupidity. The major difference is that a great majority of the many Obama gaffes and screw-ups go unreported by the mainstream, drive-by media who continue to protect him at all costs.

Obama mistakes occur each and every day, however they largely go unreported. Of course we know this is why the media is bias and Liberal. The danger in this, of course is that Obama could slowly and steadily destroy the United States, but some may not realize it until after it happens due to the media lying to you. The Obama gaffes listed above are only a FEW of the Obama mistakes made.

We will be updating this Obama lies list, Obama gaffe list and Obama mistakes and blunders list each week. So come back often to be informed about the truth of your president, Barack Hussein Obama.

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