The Divided States of America – Henry Lamb

Jun 25, 2011

What happens if it turns out that Barack Obama is not a “natural born” citizen of the United States? Does it really matter? He has won the popular vote; he has, in effect, won the Electoral College vote; and he has nominated an impressive array of high-powered people to lead the nation.

Should he be forced to relinquish the presidency simply because his mother reportedly was too pregnant to fly and was forced to deliver Obama in Kenya? What difference does it really make? Is he not the same person that he would have been had his mother actually made it back to Hawaii before he was born?

What would be the public reaction if the Supreme Court forced the state of Hawaii to release his birth certificate that revealed that he was actually born in Kenya and his birth “registered” in Hawaii? Would the millions of people who voted for Obama respect the Constitution and demand that he step aside? Or would they demand that the Constitution be ignored so Obama could take the oath to “… preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”?

This scenario – in the unlikely event that it should unfold – would reveal just how deep and wide is the chasm between the two Americas that occupy the 50 now-divided states of America.

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Every elected official takes an oath to “… preserve, protect and defend the Constitution …” and then many of them proceed to ignore both the oath and the Constitution. Hillary Clinton’s reaction to Al Gore’s failure to win the Electoral College was to declare that she would work to abandon the Constitutional system. Congress has repeatedly rejected efforts to establish rules or law that require every new legislative proposal to cite the constitutional authority for the proposal. Every time a new Congress convenes, the Constitution is pushed a little further back into irrelevance.

The system of governance created by the U.S. Constitution is unique in the world. It was created expressly to recognize that the government is limited by the Constitution and is empowered only by the consent of the people.

This government created by the Constitution no longer exists.

The America that would ignore the Constitution in order to welcome Obama into the White House now dominates the political machinery of both the executive and legislative branches of government. So thorough is this domination that the very sovereignty of the United States is in jeopardy.

The Americans who would demand inauguration of President Obama, whether he is a citizen or not, would not hesitate to subject the United States to a power that is not limited by the consent of the governed. If the “natural born” provision in the Constitution is irrelevant, then so is the provision that limits the power of the government.

Obama and his high-powered team have already declared their willingness to subject the sovereignty of the United States to the supreme power of the United Nations. The United Nations is constructed on the belief that government is the source of power – and grants, or denies, rights to individuals. Individuals have no rights that are not granted by government, and government has the innate power to enforce those rights by whatever means it may deem necessary.

The system of governance created by the U.S. Constitution cannot exist under the authority of the U.N. Obama and his team will embrace U.N. treaties that have been successfully stalled for years. They will embrace U.N. initiatives such as a new emissions-reduction scheme, a new global central banking system, new funding mechanisms for the U.N. and submission to the International Criminal Court.

Most of this change can be made during Obama’s first term. Once done, it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to undo. But the people who want Obama in the White House, whether he is a “natural born” citizen or not, won’t care. They have no respect for the Constitution or for the limited government it created.

On the other hand, the people who say Obama must step aside if he is not a natural born citizen have much work to do. It is too late to undo what the November election did, but it’s not too late to begin to limit the damage. Every elected official who is an Obama supporter should be challenged to declare whether they would support inauguration of Obama were it proven that he is not a natural born citizen. Those who would support Obama in violation of the Constitution should be targeted now for removal in the next election.

Every parent who has a child in middle school or beyond should see that their children read and understand the U.S. Constitution. This essential knowledge cannot be left to the public schools. Every Parent-Teacher Association, every church and civic club, and every community organization should undertake a study of the Constitution, with emphasis on current policies that are not authorized by the Constitution.

If there is ever to be a United States of American again, it must begin with a united respect for our founding documents.

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