Herman Cain: Oust Iran regime, keep Gitmo open & water-boarding ok

Nov 12, 2011

The latest polls show Cain as the current leader, although Speaker Gingrich has risen dramatically in national polls in the past few weeks and Perry continues to fall.

During the South Carolina Republican debate Saturday night, Cain was confident and steadfast in his answers to questions on Foreign policy and security.

Cain responded to questions on Iran by saying we must hurt them with economic sanctions. “Our problem is not with the people of Iran, but with the Regime,” Cain said. The former Godfather’s Pizza magnate also said he would not consider military opposition, but instead aid the opposition within Iran. He also harshly criticized Obama for not doing so already since protests broke out there following highly contested and fraudulent elections.

Cain went on to say, “We need to assist the opposition movement whose trying to overthrow the Iranian regime and we need to put economic pressure by way of formulating our own independent energy strategy. Iran uses oil as their currency and as a weapon. They can afford nukes because of oil”

When asked a follow up question regarding military assistance to opposition in Iran Mr Cain said this, “The more we move toward energy independence, the more economic pressure we put on Iran. Now, there’s a second piece. The second piece is the deployment of our Ballistic Missile Defense capable Aegis warships in that part of the world, so if that is they do attack one of our friends like Israel, or if they do try to attack us, we will have the capability to be able to defend ourselves.

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